Instruction For Authors

1. The journal of Korean Society of Food Science Nutrition shall publish review research articles, research notes, and provided, That reviews shall be published only in cases of appointment by the Society and deliberation of the Publishing Committee.

2. In principle, the first author and corresponding author among paper contributors shall be limited to only members of the Society excluding invited research papers.

3.Submitted manuscripts should not have been published before in any other journals.

4. The author should submit the manuscript electronically via online submission at the Society's website or via e-mail with submission of an application form and the copyright transfer statement attached.

5. Research paper review, selection, publishing order, printing order shall comply with review and publishing regulations. The receipt date of manuscript shall be the arrival date of manuscript by mail to the Society.

6. The language in the manuscript should be Korean or English in A4-size paper setting, typed using a computer with font size of 10~12 points and the line spacing should be set at 200%.

7. The author should provide the title in Korean and English, the author’s (or authors’) name(s), and affiliation on the first page of the manuscript. The running head should be provided at the upper part of the title page. If the number of authors is two or more, † mark should be indicated in front of corresponding author. If affiliations of authors are different, superscriptions of *, **, *** should be put at the end of authors name in order. The same marks should be put in front of respective affiliation. The corresponding authors should provide author’s name in English, affiliation, affiliation address, telephone, fax, and e-mail. The authors’ names in Korean should have “-” in between the name and the author’s names in English should have “,” in between the name.

8. The English abstract should be provided in case of Korean manuscript and the Korean abstract should be provided in case of English manuscript on the second page of the manuscript. The abstract must not exceed more than 200 words in one paragraph and it should provide a general view of the manuscript by including the research objectives, methods, and results. About 5 key words should be included at the bottom of the page. (All of the key words should be written in lowercase letters.)

9. Article structure should be in order of introduction, materials and methods (or research methods), results and discussion (or results, discussion), conclusion (or summary, summary and conclusion), acknowledgements, and references, in standard. In addition, the manuscript should be in written in a continuous form regardless of page number.

10. The research note should be written in accordance with the standards of article structure but should not exceed three printed pages and the prompt report should not exceed a printed page.

11. Titles and descriptions of tables and figures should be all provided in English. Titles should be provided in order of Table 1, Fig. 1, and etc. and in clear and precise manner so they could be understandable without referring to the text. The title of table should be given at the top of the table and the title of figure should be given at the bottom of the figure. Tables and figures should be stated as Table 1, Fig.1 and etc. when they are quoted from the text body.

12. Footnotes should be expressed as Arabic numerals of 1), 2), 3) at the bottom of tables, and no sign should be used. Moreover, *, ** marks must be used to present significance probability of p<0.05 or p<0.01 in statistical analysis. In multiple range test, alphabets of a, b, c, d, and etc. should be used and the explanations should be stated at the bottom.

13. All of the tables and figures may be presented in the middle of the text body or on separate sheets of paper to be attached at the end of the manuscript in order. The exact locations of tables and figures should be properly stated in the text. Pictures must be neatly produced by photography or a computer to be directly used as original images.

14. All sources cited in the text must provide author’s name alphabetically and the year, and, in principle, all citations must be provided in English. The examples of cited references are as follows:
1)   Cited references should be presented as surname in English and the year in parentheses at the corresponding part. For the citation of a single author, his/her initial(s) and surname should be provided. For the citation of two authors, only surnames should be provided. For one work by more than three authors, citation should include only the surname of the first author followed by “et al.” For two or more works by the same author by year of publication, the signs such as a, b and c should be provided followed by the year.

e.g. Citation in the beginning of a sentence
Kim HJ(2005) is …
Kim & Lee(2007) is …
Kim et al.(2008) is …
Park(2007a) is …
Citation in the end of a sentence
(Kim HJ 2005), (Kim & Lee 2007), (Kim et al. 2008).

2)   For several citations in the text, the cited sources should be presented in chronological order or in alphabetical order of authors, in case of the same year.

e.g. (Lee et al. 2007; Kim HJ 2008; Park & Kim 2008)

15. KSFAN actively recommends to cite articles (2 or more) published in the journal of the Society. In principle, references should be provided in English in following formats. (Provided, That this regulation shall not be applied in the event of edited books or reports which are impossible to be presented in English.)

16. The arrangement of references shall be put in alphabetical order of author’s last name.

Abbreviation of journal in cited references shall comply with international standards for abbreviation. The examples of cited references are as follows:

  1) Academic Journal
Kim KW, Ko CJ, Park HJ. 2002. Mechanical properties, water vapor permeabilities and solubilities of highly carboxymethylated starch-based edible films. J Food Sci 67:218-222

  2)Edited Books
Brock TD, Smith DW, Madigan MT. 1984. Biology of Microorganisms. pp.100-105. Prentice-Hall. Inc.
AOAC. 1980. Official Methods Of Analysis. 13th ed. pp.3508-3515. The Association

  3)Bulletin, Dissertations
Hur YH, Lee SG, Suh JS. 1987. Studies on the change in components of γ-irradiated soybean during fermentation. Ann Bull Seoul Health Junior College 7:7-14. 1987
Ciacco CF. 1983. A study on mineral contents in processed foods. Ph.D. Thesis, North Dakota State Uni. Fargo. North Dakota

  4) Patents
Bernard S. 1988. Preproofed, frozen and refrigeration and crusty bread and method of making same. US Patent 4,788,067
Kim H.S. 1971. Manufacturing Method of Powdered Malt Extract, Patent Notification Vol. 587

  5) Unkown Authorship
Fisheries Office. 1981. Statistical Year Book of Fisheries, pp.280-285

  6) Oral Presentation of Manuscript at Symposia
Huhtanen CN. 1988. Preparation of cold water dispersable cocoa powder. Abstract 21, 42nd Ann Meeting Inst Food Technol Atlanta

  7) Web Page Citation
Chungbuk National University, Applied Nutrition Laboratory. 2002. I Food. [cited 2006 March 21]

17. Article abbreviations should be presented in accordance with Chemical Abstracts. Academic terms, if possible, should be provided in Korean.

18. The quantity always should be express in Arabic numerals and units should be express, if possible, in accordance to the International System of Units (SI). Units and abbreviations of predicate terms shall abide by recommendation provided by the Society. However, in case where there is any unavoidable reason, such exceptions must be clearly explained in the beginning of the text.

19. In principle, revision is accepted during the proofreading made by only the authors of the manuscript. No changes or insertions shall be made in the contents during the revision. Provided, That matters, in case of deemed necessary, may be revised by an editor. The copyright of all published articles in the journal of KFN shall devolve on the Society.

20. The paper contributor should pay the expenses for publication (50,000 KRW/page). In case of color printing of images and book publication with more than 30 volumes, the actual expenses must be paid by the paper contributors.

21. Any matters not explicitly stated in these regulations shall be determined by the Publishing Committee.

22. Subscription information
For information about subscriptions please contact:
Seog-Won Lee, Secretary general
Department of Food and Nutrition, Yuhan University, 590, Gyeongin-ro, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 422-749, Korea.
Tel: +82-2-2610-0805, Fax: +82-2-2610-0809, E-mail:

23. Submission
The manuscript and other required documents including a completed Copyright Assignment Form and Checklist for original article should be emailed as attachments to:
Miss. Yu-Jin Lee
Manager of Editorial Office
Korean Journal of Food Science and Nutrition
Once the manuscript has reached our Editor, normally the corresponding author will be informed by email within a week. We will send by email a note of acceptance or non-acceptance for publication of the manuscript.

24. Publication fee
A page charge is effective for all manuscripts on original research. A review is exempt from page charges, provided it is approved in advance by the Editor-in-Chief. The actual charge per printed page will be notified to the author along with the manuscript for galley proofs.